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Rack Exchanger is dedicated to the sale and resale of used pallet racking, and many other types of used industrial racks. We resell pallet racks, cantilever racks, flow racks, and stack racks throughout the nation. When a company is finished using their pallet racks, or if they shut down a distribution center, we represent the seller and find a buyer for the used pallet rack system. Sellers enjoy a high sales price for a better return on investment. Buyers save significantly in comparison to new pallet rack prices.

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Why use Used Pallet Racks?

Pallet Racks and other industrial racks, when properly maintained, can last many, many years. In addition, most of these racks are assembled and used indoors for their entire lifespan, which protects them from the elements and potential rusting. Since they can be used for so many years, they are a great candidate for resale. Many companies close plants or distribution centers. Meanwhile, your company may be adding a facility or trying to achieve higher density storage within an existing facility. Whatever your needs are, if you are in the market for Industrial Pallet Racking, you should consider looking a Used Industrial Pallet Racks first.

Used Pallet Rack Systems are much cheaper than similar New Rack Systems. For many rack buyers, pricing is the ultimate driver. As the saying goes "A penny saved is a penny earned", well, that is the same case for companies. Every dollar saved when purchasing used racks instead of new racks goes straight to the bottom line and improves profitability for your company. Additionally, if your company needs to sell some used racking, selling the used racking through Rack Exchanger provides you with a much higher sales value and ROI than going the traditional route of selling you Used Racking for scrap value.

Some companies may be interested in reducing their environmental footprint. Used Pallet Racks are a way to achieve these environmental goals as well. The use of used racking prevents the cycle of scraping old racks and having to manufacture new ones, and that's just good for the environment.

Whatever your motivation, Rack Exchanger can help your company save money when buying or selling used pallet racking. Create an account yourself to get started, and feel free to contact us for assistance or to answer questions.

Save Money

Rack Exchanger will help your company save money by:

  • Providing Free professional website listing and assistance!
  • Providing exposure to a nationwide network of rack users.
  • Marketing and advertising to ensure quick sale.
  • Arranging the shipping required for the items sold.
  • Our service helps you maximize return from your original investment.
  • The listed price includes all fees, there will be no surprises.
  • Purchasing used pallet racks greatly reduces your costs.
  • Eliminating the "middle-man" typically involved in purchasing industrial racks.
  • Simplified Order Delivery - We will arrange shipping for the goods you purchase.
  • Free Want Ads for any items that you do not find listed.